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We accepts the following rental deposits:
Debit Card, VISA Check, VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express
A minimum of $400 deposit required to rent
Sorry, but we do NOT accept Prepaid cards or Cash deposits at this time.

If you plan to use your own vehicle insurance, please bring in a valid insurance card with you. Please make sure rental vehicles are covered under your insurance
You can also purchase optional Coverage (CDW) from us at the following rate:
11.00 per day
Collision Damage Waiver covers the excess damage to the vehicle and the excess theft

Business Hours
Monday thu Friday:    9 AM - 6 PM
Saturday:                  9 AM - 1 PM
After hours rental vehicle pickup is available at a charge. Please call our office for after hours charges

Pickup polices
Free pickup is available during business hours from Oakland Airport or Lake Merritt Bart. To schedule a free pickup, call, email or state in your reservation date and time for your pickup. Once you arrive at the pickup location, call us and we will send someone to pick you up
After hours pickup is available at a charge. Please call our office for charges and schedule an afterhours pickup

Vehicle can be dropped off any hours of the day. Drop off can only be made at the pickup location.

Additional drivers
3 additional drivers permitted at an additional charge
Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 21
5.00 per day per Driver

Underage (21 years - 25 years)
10.00 per day
70.00 per week
280.00 per month
Underage driver with a valid Drivers license and a credit card

Vehicle Availability
A reservation ID is not a confirmation ID. Please call us to confirm availability of vehicle. If we cannot confirm your reservation, we will contact you as soon as we can

Geographic Restrictions
Vehicles can only be driven locally in the Bay Area unless specified in the contract.
For qualified renters and additional prices, renters can drive out side of bay area.
For further information on rates and restrictions, please call the office.

Global Positioning Device to navigate through streets in the US. Voice directions and visual map of the area available at additional charge


Do you sell vehicles too?

Yes, all our vehicles are for sale. Please inquire about the prices when you see the vehicle.

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